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Our Members report the following results

Weight Loss

Members lose up to 20 Lbs. in the first 30 days and those who stay on can lose 30, 40 or 100 pounds or more

More Energy

Do you wake up "groggy" or feel like you need a nap in the afternoon? Not our people!

Greater Mental Clarity

Our members report that they now are doing more and faster than before.

Better Sleep

Our people are falling asleep easier and when they wake in the night, they are able to go back to sleep.

Less Inflammation & pain

Members report less inflammation and joint pain after just a few days.

Lower Blood Pressure

Members on medications are reporting reduced or completely coming off meds while in a doctor's care.

What program Members have to say

I followed the plan exactly to a tee with absolutely no cheating for those 30 days, I lost 20.3 pounds in that short month that flew by.


I lost 55 pounds, have more stamina and I am off of blood pressure medications completely!


I was struggling with menopause weight that I couldn't take off, now I am down 45 pounds and my menopause issues are gone!


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